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3 Security Settings To Change On Your WhatsApp Now

What have you been doing on a daily basis to secure your data? Think about your main apps or systems, how do you feel about their security? 

I have worked with a security company for the past few weeks and I was shocked to see how quick they were able to find vulnerabilities or even worse, to crack passwords and get access to an entire network. 

Hackers usually use a very personal approach, social engineering, to get basic information and make you believe it is a real message. 

How does it happen? 

They send you an SMS with a code and use one of your contacts that has been previously hijacked to communicate with you and ask for that specific code. Voilà! This is all they need to get access to your account.

Take a look at a real case: 

Jeremy Vine on Twitter: “Here’s how I got hacked on WhatsApp. Hoping this helps you avoid the same experience!” / Twitter 

Here are 3 simple settings that can considerably increase your app security.

Enable Two-Step authentication 

Open your WhatsApp app and go to Settings / Account / Two-Step Verification / Enable  Enter a six-digit code of your choice and confirm it.

Two-Step Verification

Uncheck the auto-save photos and videos to your camera roll.  

Settings / Chat and uncheck the option “Save to Cameral Roll” 

Uncheck “Save to Camera Roll”

Avoid saving unwanted media that may be infected with viruses as well.

Protect your privacy by adding more restriction about your personal information and availability. 

Go to your WhatsApp settings again / Account / Privacy

Change your privacy settings

The less information you pass on to third parties, the better!

These actions will take less than 3 minutes and make your WhatsApp app much safer. You can also apply the same principles for different apps, software, systems. It’s never too much to add some extra security layer. 

How much is your data worth to you? 

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4 Simple Things You Can Do Now To Have A Successful Website

There is no right or wrong when developing a website, but there are best practices that have been studied, applied and updated over the years by analyzing and understanding the internet user’s behavior and their response to different tests. Of course, these tests are constantly made in order to bring more traffic, more sales, more calls, more leads and so on.  

I will highlight 4 important points that have been used by the greatest websites from a long date. So, if you are thinking of building a brand-new website, or if you currently have one but weren’t paying attention to the following details, you should start considering them and acting like the big ones. Let’s go! 

1. Give your visitors a good first impression 

Some users will be visiting your page from previous experiences with your brand, but some of them will be at your page for the very first time. According to MachMetrics, the ideal website load time is just 3 seconds and visitors would “judge” your website on the first 0.05 seconds to decide if they stay or leave. There are great tools in the market to help you with speed test: Google Page SpeedPing DomGTmetrix. Make sure you have a fast load page. 

2. Less is more 

You are probably the type of user that scrolls down and switch between apps and pages on your mobile very fast, just like if you were looking for something but you are not. If you find something that calls your attention, you’d spend maybe 5 seconds on it. Am I right? With that being said, you should not waste your web page (specially your home page) with lots of information and graphic elements. Besides making it heavier to load the content, you probably won’t get the attention of users (like you), because they “don’t have time” right now. Look at this good website example from the Digital Marketing expert, Neil Patel: 

3. Call to action! 

It doesn’t matter what type of business you have, if you don’t give your visitors the chance to get in touch with you, to buy your product, to watch your video, to download your eBook and so forth, they will leave your page. It seems like an obvious point, but you will find tons of websites that aren’t focusing on anything, so make sure you have your options available and accessible.  

4. Monitor everything 

Don’t forget to monitor as many details as possible on your website. Google Analytics and Google Search Console are mandatory tools. When you start getting a good traffic, you can understand your visitor’s behavior during their visit on your page. You can know where they come from, if they are visiting you for the first time and how many of them are coming to your website frequently. The reports you are able generate from this monitoring are many and this will definitely help you to make better next step decisions.

A good website is an integrated part of a digital marketing strategic plan. It is important to work together with as many online platforms as possible. That means we cannot forget about Instagram, Facebook, Google Ads, Tik Tok, LinkedIn, etc. They are all amazing tools and create space for every type of business, playing a big part on the digital marketing success.  

Make sure you are prepared for a completely digital world and don’t forget you can count on us.  

Come along with us! Weggo! 

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