Why Instagram Reels Are Revolutionizing Brands

How many times do you check your Instagram for just a few minutes before moving on to another activity or scroll your feed and watch all the Reels?  

Reels are fast, fun and effective and we are going to tell you why it can be a way to improve your brand awareness. 

TikTok has already reached users all over the world and its main audience is Generation Z.
On Instagram it is no different and they are also consuming more and more videos. Keeping track of consumer expectations will make your brand relevant online, especially if your target audience includes Generation Y and Generation Z. 

The billion monthly active users on Instagram have already adopted Reels and proved that short videos are conquering the world. But in this case, not only can you speak the Gen Z language, but you must also get the other generation’s attention with an effective Reels strategy. In other words, reach out to new consumers. 

You get about 3-4x more views on Reels than a regular feed post, so people will notice your brand and your social media content faster. And this is the beginning of the buyer’s journey. 

Your Reels will show – organically or not – what your services and products are, what your brand believes in and will spread your brand values and services quickly and efficiently. 

That is because using the hashtags and other marketing tools will help the algorithm to show your Reels to your targets and combined with a well written copywriting strategy will outstand your brand. Remember to include a call-to-action to your public and encourages them to engage with the post. 

Not only does your Reels attract new consumers, but it also builds loyalty in your followers. 

Even though users may be attracted to your products at first, they will only remain loyal to your brand if they remain engaged in what you do and especially in what you represent. Consumers want brands to be more authentic, and content can humanize your brand and help build a stronger connection with your audience. 

Now that you know why it’s such an important tool for Instagram success, you might be wondering how best to use it and we can help you with that! 

Tips on using Reels for branding: 

👉 First of all, you need to be aligned with the topics that are being talked about and are relevant in popular culture today, as well as the main music and formats.
In the search area, you can check out the most popular topics and videos within your niche and try one yourself. You can adapt popular Reels to your brand, but it won’t just survive on replicated ideas, so get creative! 

👉 Second, remember that you will only impact viewers if they can relate to it. So, craft your Reels around life or professional moments, activities or struggles and show them how your service is the key solution to their problems or your ideals as a brand so they can connect with you on a deeper level. 

👉Third, know your audience. Are they more active at night or during lunch breaks? Take a look at the metrics and see which Reels get the most traction based on the time and day you publish them.

Don’t waste any more time and
invest in Reels!

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