Easy and Efficient: See How You Can Use Referral Marketing

Can you describe the feeling of relief when you request an uber and the driver has four or more stars, or when the Airbnb you like best has only good reviews? 

In a context where we have so many options, reputation matters most and a recommendation can be more useful than any slogan. 

Nielsen’s latest Global Trust in Advertising report reveals that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family above all other forms of advertising. 

Regardless of whether it’s online or not, customers these days want to feel confident and no one is more trustworthy than their own friends. 

So, what if I say that there is a way to combine good reviews and credible recommendations for your marketing strategy? 

We are talking about Referral Marketing. A referral is when a person recommends a company or service provider to another person. In that case, your satisfied customers are your advocates. 

And that’s very simple. You focus on a great buyer’s journey and your customers share their good experiences with their peers, which brings them to your brand and, consequently, a purchase. 

It’s a win-win relationship. A happy customer receives social validation when talking about your brand, and his or her friends learn from a trusted source. In the meantime, you sell without having to move a finger. 

Referral marketing is one of the fastest ways to drive leads and customers to your website. It works great for e-commerce marketing sites and other online businesses, for small brands as well as large ones. In addition, referred customers spend 25% more. They are more likely to repeat the purchase and three times more likely to refer someone else! 

Don’t miss this opportunity and check out how you can get referrals: 

1. Provide Your Customers the Best Experience  

They won’t recommend your brand if they don’t get what they’re looking for. Invest in transparent communication, an efficient website and customer support. Tell them everything they need to know about your products, be available to answer questions and invest in clear and easy navigation. 

2. Make Your Followers Talk About You  

Before you get a referral from a customer, you need to get their attention. After all, you can spend a lot of money on marketing, but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee your customers will talk about your brand. 

Therefore, get involved with them on social media, create a bond so they don’t forget about your products and services. But the best way to create a word-of-mouth marketing cycle is through a referral program. 

3. Create a Referral Program  

First, you need to choose a reward. Start by giving a discount coupon, store credits, external gift cards or a chance to win an item. You can reward the referrer, the friend or both.  

But don’t just replicate other business ideas. Beforehand, you must understand who your best customers are and whether your target audience is likely to buy your products or services multiple times, so you can strategically choose what will benefit you and your customers. 

And remember: you should make it easy for your audience to understand how the referral system works, because if it gets too complicated you can lose it along the way. 

To know whether your referral marketing program is successful or not, you must integrate the analytics and tracking system into your program. 

4. Promote Your Referral Program 

Spread the good news! Display the program on your website’s homepage, use an email marketing strategy, social media content, or a form that asks for referrals on your thank-you pages to let them know about your referral program

5. Create an Online Review System  

Just like Uber and Airbnb, as we mentioned before, you can allow your customers to leave a comment on your website and encourage potential customers to trust your business and make a purchase. 

You see? It’s not just simple, it’s also very effective. So, establish a successful referral program and engage your targets to be your advocates. 

We can help you understand your current needs and develop the best strategy for your business. So come along with us, Weggo