Reach The Best Results In Your Campaigns With Copywriting

You already know this strategy, you are just not using it yet 

Have you ever heard of a way to convince your target to do something? For example, if you want your audience to have interest and a close relationship with your brand you can use storytelling. 

Nike has been doing this for a while now and its growth has been continuous and successful. The brand has put the audience’s interests along with what they want to achieve.  

For example, they have a few videos on their YouTube channel with the title “Stronger Than One” that bring different stories.  

One of those is about young girls growing up in a world where playing football is as normal for them as it is for their brothers. 

The campaign used the storytelling to show those girls’ stories and to show them support.  

It was a good way for Nike to also attract new customers. But the only reason why it was effective was because the brand used a very efficient tool: copywriting. 

Copywriting is a production strategy that focus on persuasive methods that makes the reader to take a specific action through triggers that arouse interest in them. 

This tool’s main goal is CTA (Call to Action).  Throughout the costumer’s journey it is necessary that the reader take some actions such as subscribing to a newsletter or just continuing on the blog and reading another post. 

Therefore, we can’t assume that selling something for your company is only related to the act of marketing as a final product. 

The idea is to extend the consumer experience in a process and lead your audience, step by step, through strategically prepared content to their final destination. 

Copywriting will be the differential for this strategy, so it can be effective, as it encourages the reader to take action. 
The big secret, both for copywriting and for content marketing, is to know in depth who will consume the content.  

Thus, it is possible to bring the reader and his universe into the narrative to solve his doubts. 

In order to achieve your brand’s goals you need to choose the strategy that fits your company’s ideas in the best way possible. 

We’re going to help you build a successful strategy in copywriting. 

First of all, you must have in mind 3 basic principles that are necessary in any content for digital marketing: 

  1. Inspire the reader; 
  1. Create a relationship with the brand; 
  1. Motivate readers to take action on the service or product. 

These elements are essential during the strategy creation process. 

You also must have a goal in mind for your brand. This is what’s going to help you move into the right direction with your company. 

Without a goal it is difficult to trace a path for your brand. And to help in this manner you will need a lot of research.  

You have to know who you’re up against in the market and also some analysis of your own data. That will help to learn what does and doesn’t work for your target. That will increase your company conversion rate

There are some techniques that must be adopted to ensure your success in copywriting: 

  • Know your target audience; 
  • Set the right tone and language; 
  • Create relevant, eye-catching headlines; 
  • Build a connection with your reader; 
  • Tell stories; 
  • Use imperative verbs; 
  • Show numbers and researches; 
  • Make comparisons; 
  • Make questions; 
  • Anticipate objections; 
  • Work on your persuasiveness. 

Those techniques can be seen in the elements bellow: 

  • Urgency 

The text needs to make the client feel the need to take a quick action. They have to understand the urgency that the action requires. 

For that, some words and terms that cause the feeling of urgency may work. For example: 

“Want to find out how to put a strategy together? Check now the post we wrote on this subject.” 

  • Connection 

Use elements that may connect you with the costumers. Bringing these two sides closer is essential in conversion-oriented copywriting. 

Thus, the reader stops seeing you as someone who is trying to sell an idea or product to him, and starts to see an ally for his or her success. 

For example: “Check out this step by step guide to have a successful e-commerce, even if you never had an online presence.” 

  • Specificity 

It is necessary for the text to define the next step that should be taken by the visitors so they can execute the action. Here we have some examples: 

4 Simple Things You Can Do Now To Have A Successful Website” 

“Discover 13 techniques for text optimization for SEO!”  

These are just a few of the elements that are part of copywriting. And there is no need to use all of them in one text.  

It is good to analyze the content and see what works best. 

In conclusion, putting together these principles and elements will definitely help your brand to be successful in copywriting. 

This success can bring your company closer to your audience and convert your leads. We, at Weggo, can help you build a better communication through the copywriting process. Come along with us!